Welcome to Online Access.

As of December 1st, 2019, Brethren in Christ Foundation has implemented a new online access system. To access the new online system, you must first register. A letter has been mailed to your address with an Activation Code. This code will allow you to register online.  To set up your Online Access, follow these easy steps:

    ✓  Locate your activiation code on the letter sent to you. If you cannot locate the letter, please call the BIC Foundation office at (800) 726-1448 to request an Activation Code.

    ✓  Click the "REGISTER" button..

    ✓  Enter your Activiation Code and Tax ID then click "Activate"

    ✓  Then follow the remaining prompts to complete the online registration.

    ✓   Keep track of your investments through Online Access updates.

    ✓  Enjoy the freedom of your secure Online Access account.

Online Access - Easy, flexible and secure!